Friday, December 04, 2009

Well, Fuck The Monkey Red

I guess I really fucked this up! 
I think it's been a month since I posted anything, but who knows.

I have decided I will change the course of this blog by making it based in the music I listen to. So... Without further ado... A comparison!!!

This is the ever-amazing-and-overly-talented Nick Cave.
Nick Cave sings Mack The Knife
Having been in music for several decades, Cave has had a long time to whip up a loyal following and settle into a niche of his own. It is my belief that, had music been a mountain, Cave would have dug himself a rather nice one. In this clip, Cave is performing his version of Mack The Knife in a movie that displayed much of Kurt Weill's best work. It is safe to say that Nick is a talented writer, if a bit of a bloody one. This coupled with his voice and jig set him apart from most of the music world, but in the best ways possible. Although it may not be that of an angel, we can all say that his edit-free and raw voice is better than any techno-synthed rapper or pop artist.

And again, we see Cave. 
Nick Cave sings To Be By Your Side
 Here is a clip from Le Peuple Migrateur, a beautiful avian documentary. To the best of my knowledge, the song was only released on the movie's soundtrack, which is a rather big shame. This showcases Cave's unsurpassed ability to combine his ever-singular voice and his unsurpassed lyrical skills. A later recording, this song is evidence that evolution exists, and that it is good. While Cave has - Thankfully - retained his bad-ass villainy and sad-eye sorrow, he has released his words of love and his sounds of cool.

For more like the first, look up Cave's 1985 album, The Firstborn Is Dead. 
For more like the second, check out the '97 release, The Boatman's Call.

Bunny Out

Thursday, November 12, 2009



     I do believe that I am late in my posting, and I apologize.   I have been a writer for a large period of my life, I have written many songs, poems, and short stories.   I recently began recording some of my spoken word pieces on the computer, seeing as they have been piling up for a while. The results have been rather creepy and enlightening, but not discouraging. I have realized the extent of my detachment from the normal person, and how close I am the to the others.

I made a myspace account for my Recorded alter-ego, I may post a link to the page when it is finished aesthetically.

     In other news, Tom waits will soon be releasing a compilation of the best live tracks from his recent Glitter and Doom tour. Gogol Bordello is said to be releasing a new studio album at the beginning of next year, and Nick Cave's Grinderman will be releasing one sometime in the next year as well.

     And finally, I would like to ask all of you to do some homework. I want you to sit down and write something. It can be a letter, a song, or even a novel. I just want anybody who has contact with this blog to know that they have something that nobody else has, an original creation of their own.

Bunny Out

Friday, October 30, 2009

Introductions are always useful.


My name is Kyle, but my friends call me *Bunny.   I'd like you to call me Bunny.

     Obviously this is a new blog, so an introduction is proper.   Even if a non-communicative-internet-relationship doesn't require one.   I guess I should continue on about myself, but it would result in redundant information, considering the fact that there is an 'About Me' panel, as well as links to my Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts.   To top it off, you will be learning about me throughout the course of this blog, so I don't see it fit to waste my typing on such a pursuit.

     Maybe we/I should begin working on the true identity of this blog, seeing as it is a separate living entity that we shall be enjoying together for the coming time.   Or, I hope as much.   I'm not sure I can predict the future of this little project, anymore than you could.   I can say that I will attempt to post at least once a week with stories, rants, questions, answers, ideas, issues, and whatever else was born of the sentient creature's mind.

     I have a sleep disorder called Idiopathic Hypersomnia, it causes me to sleep through most of the day.   This will lead to posts at all hours, though they will all likely be in the wee hours, such as this one.   I am also rather forgetful, so there is a likely hood that posts may be skipped, or extra posts will be added.   So, check back often!

     Well, as useful as introductions are, they drain me of any ability to write in a substantial manner. So...

Bunny out.