Thursday, November 12, 2009



     I do believe that I am late in my posting, and I apologize.   I have been a writer for a large period of my life, I have written many songs, poems, and short stories.   I recently began recording some of my spoken word pieces on the computer, seeing as they have been piling up for a while. The results have been rather creepy and enlightening, but not discouraging. I have realized the extent of my detachment from the normal person, and how close I am the to the others.

I made a myspace account for my Recorded alter-ego, I may post a link to the page when it is finished aesthetically.

     In other news, Tom waits will soon be releasing a compilation of the best live tracks from his recent Glitter and Doom tour. Gogol Bordello is said to be releasing a new studio album at the beginning of next year, and Nick Cave's Grinderman will be releasing one sometime in the next year as well.

     And finally, I would like to ask all of you to do some homework. I want you to sit down and write something. It can be a letter, a song, or even a novel. I just want anybody who has contact with this blog to know that they have something that nobody else has, an original creation of their own.

Bunny Out

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