Friday, October 30, 2009

Introductions are always useful.


My name is Kyle, but my friends call me *Bunny.   I'd like you to call me Bunny.

     Obviously this is a new blog, so an introduction is proper.   Even if a non-communicative-internet-relationship doesn't require one.   I guess I should continue on about myself, but it would result in redundant information, considering the fact that there is an 'About Me' panel, as well as links to my Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts.   To top it off, you will be learning about me throughout the course of this blog, so I don't see it fit to waste my typing on such a pursuit.

     Maybe we/I should begin working on the true identity of this blog, seeing as it is a separate living entity that we shall be enjoying together for the coming time.   Or, I hope as much.   I'm not sure I can predict the future of this little project, anymore than you could.   I can say that I will attempt to post at least once a week with stories, rants, questions, answers, ideas, issues, and whatever else was born of the sentient creature's mind.

     I have a sleep disorder called Idiopathic Hypersomnia, it causes me to sleep through most of the day.   This will lead to posts at all hours, though they will all likely be in the wee hours, such as this one.   I am also rather forgetful, so there is a likely hood that posts may be skipped, or extra posts will be added.   So, check back often!

     Well, as useful as introductions are, they drain me of any ability to write in a substantial manner. So...

Bunny out.

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